Travel Resources

  General websites for travelers:

World Time Zones
Not sure how many hours difference between where you are and where you are going? This sites provides the times for all countries. So, before you go, find out the best times to make and receive calls at your planned destination.

The Weather Channel
This is a good place to help you decide the best months to visit a destination and what to pack. The weather Channel site provides current conditions around the world and a 10-day forecast. For monthly averages click on “Averages and Records” just below the heading “10-Day Forecast.” The site can be viewed in English units or metric. If you are going to a country that uses metric, but you are not accustomed to the metric system, this is a good opportunity to get familiar with the metric equivalent of Fahrenheit temperatures.

The weather at USA Today
This is another good weather site that provides international weather by regions – click on the region you are planning to travel to, i.e., Europe, to get temperatures. There are links to current conditions in major cites of each region and a four day forecast.

Universal Converter – the Universal Currency Converter uses live currency rates. This site allows you to determine current currency equivalents. A very user friendly site.

Oanda cheat sheet
This site not only gives currency conversion rates, but you can also make a cheat sheet to bring along with you. This can be especially helpful in countries such as Turkey where you instantly become a millionaire upon converting your first $100. All those zeros can get confusing, so just pull out your cheat sheet and see if 3 million is $2, $20, or $200! On the Oanda site there is also a link to buy Currency and Travelers Cheques to be delivered to your home.

Helpful US Government web sites for travelers:

Department of State Travel Advisory
This is the official US government site which provides current travel advisories and warnings by country and topic. The site contains an alphabetical listing of links to all countries of the world.

Center for Infectious Disease Control Travel Site
This is a very thorough website with valuable health information for all travelers. It has recommendations for vaccinations and other preventive measures for staying healthy while exploring the world.

Passport Services
Be sure to get your passport and any necessary visas, etc., well in advance. Especially during the summer months the processing of travel documents may be delayed. This official US government site provides all the information you need to obtain or renew a passport, includings a printable application form.

Visa Services
Visa requirements are constantly changing, don’t assume you don’t need a visa! This site provides entry requirements by country. Again, apply early! Noncitizens should make sure their visas are up to date before traveling abroad, information about reentry visa requirements can be found at

US Government Background Notes by country
The Department of State “Background Notes” provide an alphabetical listing of links to country profiles. These profiles include information about the country’s geography, population, economy, history, political conditions, trade, foreign relations, and includes links for more information.